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We are one of the unique publication firms where fresh writers are preferred to high profile authors. We truly believe that each one of you has a magical power to write beautiful stories. But writing them won't serve the entire purpose. They need to be shared. Now this is where our role comes into play. Our publication is a perfect platform to reach out to millions of readers in our country. So if you really want to make a mark and have potential to stamp, then we are the ink that you are looking for..

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Procedure For Application


  • The total number of words of your entire story should not be less than forty-thousand for fiction, and twenty thousand for Short stories, Non-fiction & Self-help Book.
  • There is no ristriction of number of words for children books. Your work should not contain any racial remarks.
  • It should not hold any controversial personalities.
  • Step 1

    You have to mail first Six chapters or First Six thousand words, whichever is minimum to our mailing address ie. expressionpublications@yahoo.co.in

    Step 2

    We will evaluate the sample chapters within 15 to 20 days. If we like the sample chapters then we will ask for the entire manuscript, or in case we didn't like the sample chapters you will get a rejection letter.

    Step 3

    Once you submit the entire manuscript, its evaluation will be done in 20 to 25 days time.

    Step 4

    If we like the entire manuscript then we will decide on the royalty, complete the formalities and go for publishing.

    Please note that the royalty will be discussed only once the manuscript is selected. We also will be fully authorized to reject any proposal at any publishing stage. We do not entertain any requests once the manuscript has been rejected. Make sure that you retain a copy of the manuscript in case you submit a hard copy since we do not return copies posted to us.

    Books Published By Us

    • Oh Shit Not Again
    • I am Papa
    • Love Lust and Life
    • Love and that Bitch called life
    • Manage Time Manage Life
    •  PIGS - Poor Indian Graduate Students

    All Books are avaiable at all the leading bookstores across the country

    Books are also available on flipkart.com

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